First Aid at Work

Trying to find a First Aid @ Work course that suits your needs and makes you compliant with HSE can be a mind-boggling experience. ‘How many people do I need to have trained in first aid and to what level’ are questions we hear from employers on a regular basis.

As a minimum your workplace should have the following on site:

  • a suitably stocked first-aid kit
  • an appointed person to take charge of first-aid arrangements
  • information for employees about first-aid arrangements

However, as the number of employees on site increase, the size of your site increases, the level of hazards in the workplace increase, or the experience of your staff decreases amongst other factors, you may find you should be providing more than the minimum requirements.

We have developed a course progression map of Work place first aid requirements to help you through this process.



Our First Aid courses are taught by qualified instructors who have hands on experience of administering first aid through working within private/public ambulance services, event medical services or army medical services. We offer the following courses:

Level 3 Emergency First Aid @ Work

Level 3 First Aid @ Work

Level 3 First Aid @ Work requalification

Level 3 Emergency Paediatric First Aid

Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid

All of these courses can be delivered as a group course on site at your work place or as part of our public courses at one of our venues in Brighton or Bexhill.

Group courses
The group courses can be held on your site for up to 12 learners and are the most cost-effective means of training your staff, where the cost/person can be as low as £35.40 plus VAT for an Emergency First Aid @ Work course. There is a further benefit in booking group courses with us in that whilst we need to cover the basic course content, we can tailor group courses towards your individual needs giving you both the required qualification and more importantly the confidence to be able to deal with first aid incidents which are specific to your environment and staff/site visitors. To enquire about a group course please click here

Public Courses
The public courses are held at venues in Bexhill and Brighton and are open for anyone to book onto. These courses give you the opportunity to get members of staff qualified that may have missed/been unable to attend your group training or you may only have one or two members of the team that require a specific first aid qualification. To look at dates we are holding these courses please visit our shop by clicking here

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